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Picking the Right Work Truck 

Oct 23, 2018

When it comes to work trucks, drivers are looking for industrious vehicles that will hold up to excessive wear and tear. If they are managing a fleet of vehicles, they may be less interested in how comfortable the interior may be. In any case, fuel efficiency, great handling, large payloads, strong towing capacities, and affordable repairs are concerns of any business.

Styling is important when it comes to company image. Consumers feel more comfortable when they see domestic vehicles that were made right here in the USA. It taps into their inner jingoism. The advantage of domestic vehicles is that the parts are made right here in the USA. If anything breaks down, you don’t have to wait days or weeks for the parts to get up and running. In addition, when you consider the import taxes on foreign vehicles, you must be getting more value for your money when you shop for American made trucks.

Economy is a huge part of shopping for the right work trucks. If you have to work three times harder to afford a heavy-duty work truck, you may ultimately find that you are working for the truck rather than having the truck work for you. This is why it is important to consider whether a light-duty pickup truck might work for your operation. And if not, you need to think long and hard about which model heavy-duty work truck is the best long-term investment. If the truck is for personal use, you may not be all that concerned about distractions or carelessness that can be incurred by workers who are less serious about protecting your investment. If you are going to be the sole driver, why not invest in luxury features to convert that pickup truck into something fit for a king.

Ford Work Trucks

All that being said, Ford pickups are some of the strongest work trucks on the market. Ford is, arguably, the most dedicated manufacturer for work trucks in the world. The Ford F-Series is full of highly customizable models that are loaded with power, options, and engineering that stands up to any kind of hard work. The Ford F-150 is a light-duty truck that is capable of hauling as much as some heavy-duty trucks (up to 13,200 lbs.). Their top-of-the-line twin-turbo V6 EcoBoost engine is capable of a tremendous 450-horsepower and 510-pound-feet of torque. It is hard to argue that any other manufacturer is more invested in the pickup truck market when you consider the hundreds of variations of the Ford F-150 models available today.

Ford pickups offer seven different trim packages that range from ultra-luxurious to the most basic. Five engine combinations help buyers locate the ideal balance of power and price for any model. If you are hauling large payloads, you may have reason to choose from the larger of the three bed lengths available. Three different cab configurations help drivers fit varying numbers of passengers more comfortably by extending the cab from Cab to SuperCab and SuperCab to CrewCab. The SuperCab is clever by reason of its space-maximizing entry that uses suicide doors (hinged at the rear).

No matter what engine you choose, you can’t go wrong. Even the low-end V6 EcoBoost generates 325-horsepower and 400-pound-feet of torque. The Flat V8 and EcoBoost twin-turbo engines are excellent choices for maximum power to haul your weightiest payloads. The spool of the EcoBoost twin turbos is very rapid. This makes the EcoBoost more powerful around town and on backroads. Ford has amazingly tuned this engine to perform over a very linear powerband that keeps climbing without flat spots all the way up the ladder.

Three different transmissions are available. Oddly enough, the 10-speed automatic transmission, installed on all but the most basic models, was developed in cooperation with General Motors. Having 10 gear sets allows for smoother shifting that can be comparable to the linear shifting of a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT). The engineers boast of the configurations for this transmission taking up over a million lines of coding. This gives the powerful engine the telepathy to predict what gear will be required under any gradient, load, RPMs, or chassis speed. It also features driving modes to raise the shift points for performance using “sports mode” and to adapt the vehicle for maximum torque using the “tow/hauling mode.”

The Ford F-150 is the best-in-class when it comes to power, towing, and fuel efficiency. The Ford EcoBoost engines provide a definitive edge. They now feature both port injection and direct injection to maximize the running of the engine at all speeds. This solves any trepidation of the engine at start-up or idle speeds. It now picks up the power much quicker and holds it consistently through the powerband. When it comes to Ford work trucks, the light-duty model is more than enough for the needs of just about any small business.

Gary Crossley Ford

Gary Crossley Ford is your regional authorized dealer for Ford trucks and the F-150 that is so popular with a wide range of drivers. We have a large inventory of new, used, and pre-owned Ford work trucks in stock and ready to roll off our lots. When shopping for used or pre-owned Ford pickups at an authorized dealership, you drive away with the best values. You will not find the same quality of vehicles elsewhere. We are, quite frankly, giving these trucks away at huge discounts.

There is very little difference between our gently used certified pre-owned vehicles that come with a warranty and brand-new vehicles when it comes to long-term value and functionality. Our business model attracts the best models because we have leased vehicles that go up for sale after the lease expires and trade-ins from well-to-do customers who kept perfect maintenance on these vehicles at our dealership. The great aspect of shopping at your regional Gary Crossley Ford dealership is that all the service records are stored for each model by the vehicle’s VIN number. Even if there is a change of ownership, the full record of maintenance for each Ford F-150 travels to the subsequent owners. When you purchase a work truck, Ford pickups offer the best value for your money and retain their investment value by proving their reliability day after day.

Any cosmetic wear on a used work truck usually has very little significance to buyers who plan on taking the vehicles off-road. The mileage that is used to devalue these vehicles has very little to do with its real-world value. These mileage based devaluations are set by consumers who can be fickle and fail to consider the big picture. Thanks to synthetic fluids, lubricants, and oils, the mechanical wear from mileage is one of the least significant factors in a vehicle’s value. Age is another huge factor used to devalue vehicles. Unless there were huge changes in a new generation of vehicles, the age of a vehicle usually has little to do with its long-term value.

Having a truck that was maintained from start to finish at a Ford dealership is the most critical aspect of shopping for a used Ford truck. The specialization of automobiles has made it nearly impossible for general repair shops to achieve the same level of care that will guarantee reliability and performance. When our technicians make any repairs on a vehicle, they replace the parts with parts identical to those installed at the factory at time of assembly. We invite you to stop by our dealership and test-drive one of these great models to experience for yourself why Ford F-Series trucks are considered to be the best-in-class by so many factors.