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Buying a New Truck

Oct 4, 2018

Buying a New Truck

If you are in the market for buying a brand-new pickup in the Kansas City, Missouri  you may have some unresolved questions that are stalling your purchase. Purchasing a vehicle is a large investment that should not be taken lightly. You need to ensure that you get the best value for your money and the right model for your needs. As vehicles become more complicated by the day, the question of which vehicle to purchase may lead to this aimless analysis of information that can be difficult to digest. Many times, an article about the features of a particular truck tells you little more about the overall experience than a written review of a premier music group or how high-end sushi tastes. Setting aside the time to go to a dealership in person to consult with an expert salesman is one of the best methods of narrowing down some favorites that look good on paper.

The Benefits of Buying a Ford Pickup 

One of the biggest draws to Ford right now is the diversity of models that they are building. The new Ford F-150, for example, features hundreds of different combinations. The diversity of features in each model is so unique that it may be difficult to find two models that are exactly the same. They have produced everything from a 4X4 luxury King Ranch model to the most utilitarian economy model. You can choose from five different engines, seven different trim packages, two types of transmissions, 3 different bed lengths, and just as many cab configurations. Even more stunning, these light-duty trucks are capable of hauling the same kind of weight as heavy-duty trucks.

These vehicles are built for the Midwest. The eco-boost engines have the excellent fuel economy that allows you to haul your payload long distances without breaking the bank. The lightweight aluminum panels that are now being used in these models adds another level of agility by knocking 500 lbs. off the GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating). Despite the weight reduction, the F-150 is just as rugged as ever with its steel reinforced frame acting as a veritable roll cage to protect the occupants. The sales team at the dealerships have the benefit of personal wisdom from driving them day in and day out to match you with the best ride.

The eco-boost turbocharged engines feature twin turbos with innovative engineering that reduces the time for the turbos to spool. The benefit is a very linear powerband that is even and consistent throughout, much like an electric motor. Until Ford transitions to all-electric or hybrid trucks in 2020, the eco-boost will remain the leader. Even the smallest eco-boost V6 produces a blazing 325-hp and 400-lb.-ft of torque. This is loads of energy out of a small displacement high-compression engine.

The direct injection technology prevents predetonation by injecting the fuel only after the engine has compressed the air in the cylinder. This method is closer to how a diesel engine operates. However, it magnifies efficiency and lowers emissions by using cheaper and cleaner 87-octane fuel. This is the secret of the eco-boost in drawing so much power out of such a tiny engine. An ordinary combustion engine draws in the fuel/air from the cylinder head intake valves when they are opened during a downstroke. This engineering platform is all the rage in extending the life of gasoline engines.

Common Questions of Prospective Buyers in the Midwest 

Buying a pickup in Kansas City, Missouri, can pose some unique questions that other regions of the country do not face. Statistics prove that people who live in the Midwest are looking for larger work trucks. People who live in dense urban areas are searching for compact fuel-efficient vehicles. This midwestern trend may in part flow from the larger new construction, farming, and mining industries in this region. Because the focus is mainly on acquiring the right work trucks, the F-150 stands out as the best choice on every scale.

The major concerns that prospective buyers have are fuel economy, power, reliability, and access to premium technical support when they have a problem. Ford’s dealerships are best equipped to offer an exemplary level of technical support and upkeep on the vehicles. The bumper-to-bumper warranty is 3-years or 36,000-miles. The powertrain guards the eco-boost engine against failure for 5-years or 60,000 miles. The power and fuel economy top the scales due to the direct injection powertrains. The F-150 models feature a variety of options to weigh budget against creature comforts for your work vehicle.

The F-150 Raptor is the most desirable model ever. The 450-hp and 510-pound-feet of torque are strong enough for any work application. When you push your vehicle too heavy under load, a lot of weird things happen from the forces. Most of the damage falls onto the driveshaft, transmission, suspension, steering, and can even blow out tires. You, therefore, want the strongest vehicle possible, in most cases, if you plan on doing a lot of hauling. Purchasing heavy-duty vehicles can weigh too heavy on the wallet and shock your wallet every time you hit the gas pump. The F-150 is the ideal balance for what many Missouri drivers desire.

The Long-Term Investment Value of the F-150 in Kansas City 

After you have finished financing your vehicle and reached the end of the factory warranty, the warranty can be perpetually extended. When you purchase factory parts from the F-150 dealership, you are guaranteed another 2-years out of any part with free replacement or repair at any authorized dealership nationwide. While there is an incentive to tread lightly and baby your vehicle whenever possible, if you are forced to push your F-150 to the limit, the premature wear and tear is easily eliminated. These vehicles are meant to be serviced with parts that are made right here in the USA and ready to arrive from a number of warehouses on special order by the next day. Foreign pickups can be down and out, waiting for days or weeks just for something as simple as a hose or special bolt to finish a repair.

When it comes to work vehicles, the pre-owned resale market is huge in this region. You never have to worry about running into difficulties in finding a buyer. When you maintain your F-150 with all genuine parts from the Gary Crossley Ford  the warranty is transferable, and the new owner will be as happy as you were when you purchased it brand-new. When an authorized dealership carries out all the service, you have the advantage of a full maintenance and repair history on file to prove its value. This file is based on your vehicle’s VIN number and accessible from any other authorized dealership in the country to refine the level of service.

Considering all the benefits of the F-150, there is little left to do but test-drive a number of models to find your favorite. The reliability and reputation of the F-150 and the motivation of buyers to finance the vehicles for income and work-related activities makes it much easier to resell these vehicles used. Banks might not like financing a lot of other used vehicles and can leave you with headaches when it comes to finding a buyer able to obtain a loan for its value.